Tigers with human hearts

I was waiting to get a ticket for the Luas ..Just before the last Irish General Election... A young man was being helpful to anyone who had difficulty accessing their ticket. There was a kindness and yet a sadness about him. He was familiar with the system.and with suffering. I was a few cents short for the price of the ticket He offered to make up the balance. I said thanks it’s ok. I have € 5. He helped me get the money into the machine. Then he asked could I give him some change.. He was staying in a local hostel. Originally from another part of town.. He’s no longer on drugs ,he said. But his eyes told a different story. I gave him something,not out of guilt but in common humanity even as I wondered if I was only doing him damage. But I felt a great sadness for what he could be and wondered is there a way of bringing him hope. Anger at those who introduced him to drugs. Despondent that we as a society are not out there seeking this young man out and saying: you are one of us too. Let’s take care of you,.There’s an election coming up,my young man. And guess what? We’ve decided you are our priority!! Guess what again? We’re tigers with human hearts.And that’s not just a slogan!


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