Before the Dawn I Begot You

I was sitting there having a Latte reading an article in a magazine written by a friend well versed in writing and reflection. I was trying to drink it all in. Not just the coffee. A man passed by and spoke. I didn’t know him or understand what he said. He didn’t walk on.

I asked: Sorry, what did you say.

He said: Before the Dawn I Begot You!

What do you mean, I asked?
The heading of what your reading,

So it is!

I’m reading something for the Abbey Theatre across the road ,


No. Just joking!

We're all actors in one shape or form.

See that man coming down the street. He’s a blind man from Poland. Here with his wife. Lost everything or so he says.

Hard to know what to believe.

We all invent our own stories to suit us.


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