‘Personality and religious values among adolescents’

You may be interested in an article in The British Journal of Psychology of Nov. 2007( ISSN 0007- 1269 Vol. 98) on a study on ‘Personality and religious values among adolescents’

I quote from the summary:

“The present data are very clear; youth espousing intrinsic religiousness such as the religious values assessed in this study manifest optimal well-being;…compared with other youth, these religious teenagers are better equipped to meet life’s experiences and challenges and are therefore much less likely to be preoccupied with memories or worries, and much more likely to engage significant life issues….. the lens through which religious adolescents perceive and make meaning of the world is not only very different from that of less religious youth, but also able to provide the ability and inner strength and resources to deal successfully with life’s experiences.”


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