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Love came down at Christmas;

What kind of peace...

Bringing our small, imperfect stones to the pile.

You are RICH or POOR in life by..

Authentic Christian spirituality

God's face turned towards us in love

Wish I’d Said That!

Post Modern Spirituality


Disregard talk and judge only actions.


Antidote to despair..

God in the mess of our lives.

Our complexity is not our enemy but our friend.

Open the door to the Holy Spirit." ”

Eleven minutes to five

I want simply to be held

A friend who cares.”


Love alone

The Journey Prayer

Remain sitting at your table and listen

Our lonliness

All Souls

Pose critical questions to the society you live in

Live inside that hope.

Learn that you can endure

Land of laughter

Three great forces

Every second we live in a new and unique moment

We cannot do everything

Peace and love

Looking at the stars.

Inner and outer worlds

Possibilities within us.

The use of seeing

Without our eyes the Holy One of Being would be blind.



Criticism becomes constructive when

My own renewal..then maybe others?

The cross

Words and practice

The job of the peacemaker

Need to exercise some sort of discipline

Why should I desire more than I need?"

We have to be open

Allowing the real self to emerge

Wrong turns leading to love


Principle of discernment

The pearl of justice .....

Our Lord asks but two things of us

Not so free..

Coax the best out of us.

Change - in us...

The skeleton at the feast is you.

The heavens


Malawian woman and child

The only time that is yours is the present.

At Prayer

And Then What?

China mourns...

Love God above all all things..

Trinity Is a School of Relations

Finding shelter under her wing..

Can we imagine the devastation?


Easy to spot the person with no soul..

Lessons to be learned from Pope's visit to USA

I thought i'd lost you

Where's my brother or will it be a sister?

The "when-I-die" file

After a while

Holding the Cup

By this power of the Spirit, God's children can bear much fruit

Prayer at Exam Time

Joy is the result of our choices

The loveliness of the earth - of you!

Picture yourself being born

The promise is not only of a teacher but of an advocate

Churches' statement on Zimbabwe - pray for our beautiful nation

Thursday Morning Prayer - Edward Hays


My Father is glorified when...

To love at all is to be vunerable.

Move Forward in Hope

Only those who love him and follow him can recognise him


O'Faolain's anguish at facing death can give a jolt to our lives

We must nestle and cuddle on the lap of Christ

The perfect pope for the Internet age