Criticism becomes constructive when

Respect for the people’s word need not mean approval for whatever they say. Any criticism becomes constructive when based on a fundamental attitude of respect and listening.

- Clodovis Boff
Catholic theologian in Brazil


A Listener said…
I haven't spent time yet this morning reading, writing and praying as I usually do to reset my natual mind to recieve the super-natural reality of things in order to walk in peace for the day. Instead, here I am on my computerand and behold!I find your's. Yesterday,in trying to come up with a name for my new blog, I was feeling very timid about calling it 'SpiritualSpeak' for fear of rousing hostile reactions. It's stormy weather here in the U.S. for christians mainly because of the bad behavior of way too many of us who are in powerful positions and politically connected.
Unknown said…
thank you! Keep well.

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