Kite Runner

What a movie (or Film as we say here!)

A Roller coaster of emotions and themes.
The number of issues covered is wide ranging. Like, social devisions, tribalism, friendship, love,war, guilt,family,bullying, abuse of religion, child abuse, abuse of power, courage, cowardice, marriage, celebration,advisers/guides. And more

Go see it. Or read about it.

Positive reviews (9)
Neutral reviews (7)

5 / 5
Review: The Kite Runner
How long has it been since you saw a movie that succeeds as pure story? That doesn't depend on stars, effects or genres, but simply fascinates you ...
Chicago Sun-Times - Roger Ebert - Dec 14, 2007

4.5 / 5
Review: Kite Runner, The
When a movie is made based on a book that millions of people have read, the first question asked often pertains to the faithfulness of the ...
Reelviews - James Berardinelli

3.7 / 5
'The Kite Runner' comes to the screen as a mixed blessing
Hollywood has delivered a whole cycle of films in 2007 related, in one way or another, to the Mideast Crisis ("In the Valley of Elah," "The ...
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - Editorial Review - Dec 13, 2007

3 / 5
BBC - Movies - review - The Kite Runner
Marc Forster directs this moving drama based on Khalid Hosseini's popular novel. Yes, it's a Hollywood film with subtitles, but far from being ...
BBC - Stella Papamichael - Dec 26, 2007

Review: The Kite Runner
An Afghan emigre returns to his homeland to redeem his sins -- and those of his father -- in "The Kite Runner." With careful nurturing, helmer ...
Variety - Alissa Simon - Oct 4, 2007

4 / 5
Review: The Kite Runner
The Bigger Picture: Amir is a lonely boy growing up in 1970s Afghanistan in this adaptation of Khaled Hosseini's breakout novel. ...
E! Online - Chris Farnsworth

4 / 5
Review: The Kite Runner
Marc Forester ("Finding Neverland") adapts Khaled Hosseini's wildly successful first novel to the big screen with empirical grace. ...
Palo Alto Online - Jeanne Aufmuth - Dec 14, 2007

3.4 / 5
Review: The Kite Runner
Practically no other nation's modern history has been so rife with grief and shattered expectations as that of Afghanistan; a fact utilized to ... - Chris Barsanti

3.5 / 5
Review: The Kite Runner (2007)
"The Kite Runner" is not a seamless adaptation of Khaled Hosseini's best-selling novel, but it is a respectable one. Directed by the eclectic Marc ... - Dustin Putman - Nov 27, 2007

4 / 5
The Kite Runner - Family Movie Review
If you leave this film feeling even slightly uncomfortable, then Director Marc Forster has done his job. Based on a novel by Khaled Hosseini, ...
Parent Previews - Kerry Bennett


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