Looking for God.

There was once a little boy who decided he wanted to find God. He knew it
would probably be a long trip, so he decided to pack a lunch-four packs of
Twinkies and two cans of root beer.

He set out on his journey and went a few blocks until he came to a park.
On one of the park benches sat an old woman looking at the pigeons.

The little boy sat down beside her and watched the pigeons too. When he
grew hungry, he pulled out some Twinkies. As he ate, he noticed the woman
watching him, so he offered her one. She accepted it gratefully and
smiled at him. He thought she had the most beautiful smile in the world.
Wanting to see it again, he opened a can of root beer and offered her the
other one. Once again she smiled that beautiful smile.

For a long time the two sat on that park bench eating Twinkies, drinking
root beer, smiling at each other, and watching the pigeons. Neither said
a word. Finally, the little boy realized that it was getting late and he
needed to go home. He started to leave, took a few steps, turned back and
gave the woman a big hug. Her smile was brighter than ever before.

When he arrived home, his mother noticed that he was happy, but strangely
quiet. 'What did you do today?' she asked. 'Oh, I had lunch in the park
with God,' he said. Before his mother could reply, he added, 'You know,
she has the most beautiful smile in the world.'

Meanwhile, the old woman left the park and returned to her home.

Her son noticed something different about her. 'What did you do today,
Mom?' he asked. 'Oh, I ate Twinkies and drank root beer in the park with
God." And before her son could say anything at all, she added, 'You know,
God's a lot younger than I imagined.'"

Jef Olson, Hearts Burning Within



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