Cardinal Ravasi advise

There are two basic dimensions: the vertical gaze towards God, and the horizontal gaze towards our brethren. He noted that it is necessary to strike a balance between these two dimensions, otherwise there is a risk of a sacramentalism, when the liturgy is seen as an ends in and of itself or of reducing the liturgy to that of a general assembly.

But above all, Cardinal Ravasi spoke of the need for a deeper analysis of the heart, so that worship does not become a merely external rite, as the prophet Isaiah notes when he says that God hates offerings and sacrifices. Loving our brothers and sisters and well as the confession of sins are, he concluded, crucial moments to cross the threshold that leads to communion with the Lord:

"To go to Communion with God - one bread, one Chalice - you have to be one body, we must have communion among us."


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