Now for the difficult one..

Do not fight with your inner demons. Learn to absorb them into your being with compassion — for they are part of you! Remember what Jesus says: love your enemies. To love means to respect, to attend to, to be ready to respond to, and to understand. The most difficult part of spiritual practice is to open up our hearts to our enemies. This may sound like surrendering. However, it is a crucial step. . . .

Resist not evil! This is one of Jesus' greatest Zen teachings, albeit an underappreciated one. It has seldom been understood or accepted by the general public because it runs against our common sense and our traditional notion of morality. The mind is a fighter. It asks, "If it is evil, why not fight it?" . . .

"Resist not evil" is a profound teaching. On a psychological level, it means the genuine acceptance of all our negative emotions, no matter how vicious or poisonous they may look on the surface. It is extremely difficult to do, for it requires a high level of spiritual maturity.

— Kenneth S. Leong in The Zen Teachings of Jesus

Open your heart to a negative emotion you have resisted (a.k.a. a shadow quality). Accept that it is part of you.


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