Giving space to the Holy Spirit

“In the Christian life, even in the life of the Church, there are old structures, passing structures: it is necessary to renew them! 
And the Church has always been attentive to this, with dialogue with cultures . . . 
It always allows itself to be renewed according to places, times, and persons.
 The Church has always done this! 
From the very first moment, we remember the first theological battle: was it necessary to carry out all of the Jewish practices in order to be Christian?
 No! They said no! The gentiles could enter as they are: gentiles . . . Entering into the Church and receiving Baptism.
 A first renewal of the structures. . . .
 And so the Church always goes forward, giving space to the Holy Spirit that renews these structures, structures of the churches. 
Don’t be afraid of that! Don’t be afraid of the newness of the Gospel! Don’t be afraid of the newness that the Holy Spirit works in us! 
Don’t be afraid of the renewal of structures!

Pope Francis


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