Being Christian

“Being Christian means allowing oneself to be renewed by Jesus in this new life. 
‘I am a good Christian, I go to Mass every Sunday from 11 til noon, I do this, I do that’. . . as if it were a collection. 
But the Christian life is not a collage of things.
 It is a harmonious whole, harmonious, and the Holy Spirit does it!
 He renews all things: He renews our heart, our life, and makes us live differently, but in a way that takes up the whole of our life. 
You cannot be a Christian of pieces, a part time Christian. 
Being a part-time Christian simply doesn’t work! 
The whole, everything, full-time. 
The Spirit accomplishes this renewal.
 Being Christian ultimately means, not doing things,
 but allowing oneself to be renewed by the Holy Spirit 
  – or, to use the words of Jesus, becoming new wine.”

Pope Francis


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