Plan to Protect your mental health and wellbeing”

Mental Health Ireland’s campaign, “
Plan to Protect your mental health and wellbeing”

celebrates World Mental Health Day by outlining five steps everybody can take to protect their mental health and wellbeing.

These are:

Connect  Do you connect with people around you? Family, friends, colleagues, neighbours? At home, work, school, in your local community?

Be active  Do you exercise? Do you get outside, go for walks, potter in the garden? Have a sustainable pattern of doing more rather than being active one day and doing nothing for the rest of the week.

Take notice  Are you aware of the world around you: sights, smells, sounds, temperature? Do you take time to notice how you are feeling? Do you savour the moment? 

Keep learning    When was the last time you tried something new? Have you set yourself a challenge recently?

Give       Do you see yourself and your happiness in relation to the wider community? Have you tried volunteering? When did you last do something nice for a relative, friend or stranger?


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