Meaning in life

Psychologist and philosopher Victor Frankle, who is somewhat of an expert on the subject of meaning, has said: "Meanings are inexhaustible. We need to develop our intuitive sense that allows us to smell out meanings hidden and dormant in life situations."

To find meaning in our lives is a spiritual challenge, an everyday spiritual challenge. The challenge presents itself in every encounter we have with another, in every joy and pleasure we experience, in every problem we meet, in every insight we delight in, in every pain we suffer, in every disappointment we sustain, in every challenge that comes our way, in every touch of God's hand, in every silence and every sound; we ask, we constantly ask: what does this mean?

Spirituality allows meaning to flow into our daily lives. This is the fuel in our search for truth, our struggle for justice. Our acts of love constantly create patterns of meaning to nil our lives and enable us to comprehend the significance, the meaning of our days. And the meaning we find is not one meaning, a kind of cosmic meaning, for all. There is only the individual meaning each of us gives ourselves. It is our task to find, to discover that meaning and to share it with others.

Rev. Richard Scheiner, C.P.
Spirituality for Today – January 2008 – Volume 12, Issue 6


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