God's face turned towards us in love

' God's face is immutably turned towards us in love, that God's presence to us is utterly reliable and constant...Christian living is the Spirit- assisted response to the Incarnate Word of God, Jesus Christ, who reveals the face of the invisible God........A Christian spirituality rooted in the mystery of the Trinity emphasizes community rather than individuality.... Since Christian spirituality is not just a dimension of the Christian life, but IS the Christian life lived in and through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, it concerns absolutely every dimension of life: mind and body, intimacy and sexuality, work and leisure, economic accountability and political responsibility, domestic life and civic duty, the rising cost of healthcare, and the plight of the poor and wounded both at home and abroad. Absolutely every dimension of life is to be integrated and transformed by the presence and poor of the Holy Spirit’

Michael Downey

Understanding Christian Spirituality

(Paulist Press 1997)


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