Land of laughter

The Master was in an expansive mood, so his disciples sought to learn from him the stages he had passed through in his quest for the divine.
"God first led me by the hand," he said, "into the Land of Action, and there I dwelt for several years.

Then He returned and led me to the Land of Sorrows; there I lived until my heart was purged of every inordinate attachment.

That is when I found myself in the Land of Love, whose burning flames consumed whatever was left in me of self.

This brought me to the Land of Silence, where the mysteries of life and death were bared before my wondering eyes."

"Was that the final stage of your quest?" they asked. "No," the Master said. "One day God said, 'Today I shall take you to the innermost sanctuary of the Temple, to the heart of God himself.' And I was led to the Land of Laughter."
- Anthony de Mello


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