The walls of distance

Who has not, at some time, been lonely in the midst of a social event? The feeling of our separation from the rest of life is most acute when we are surrounded by it in noise and talk. We realize then much more than in moments of solitude how strange we are to each other, how estranged life is from life.... The walls of distance, in time and space, have been removed by technical progress; but the walls of estrangement between heart and heart have been incredibly strengthened.

- Paul Tillich
The Shaking of the Foundations


Anonymous said…
Absolutely. I'm an invalid, have not been outside the house three and a half years. You'd think I'd be starved for human contact, but honestly, my worst days are when the home health aides come over. Folks who often look at you - literally, you see it in their eyes - like you're half human at best and are there simply to take your cash.

Paul Tillich - one of the few theologians I've read where I liked a good deal of his stuff -
Anonymous said…
Thanks for that..but that seems a bit sad too that someone would look at you like that!

You should write about these experiences - or do you?

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